Discover Notable Surfing Destinations: Okinawa

By | 2018-11-06

If you’re going to travel halfway around the world on a major vacation trip, you’re probably looking to visit more than just one surfing beach. That’s why any single surfing spot that may be in the running for best surfing and most intense waves may not be a huge destination for spot.

Instead, long stretches of coastline that offer a variety of surfing experiences tends to be more of a beacon to the typical travelling surfer. And it’s this dynamic that explains why Okinawa is one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Here are just some of the spots you might visit for surfing.


White Beach

A great spot when traveling with beginner or rusty surfers who need to work on their skills with generous sand bars before moving on to more intense surf. White Beach is also just a great spot for easy fun and relaxation on any size budget. There is tent camping, camping trailers, and cabins available in the immediate area. The downside is that it tends to get packed, especially on the weekends. This is a reasonable drive east of Okinawa City



This is a perfect combination of being less crowded while still offering multiple surfing options. From Junkyard to 5 Rocks to California, you can find several different styles of tubes and surf in a relatively clustered and easily accessible spot. A reasonable drive southwest out of Okinawa City, Sunabe can be a great day trip or an overnight stay and extra spur for your travel plans. Maybe because the town hasn’t been conquered by a stream of tourists, the locals have a reputation for being especially welcoming.


Suicide Cliffs

Named and in some ways better known for its history of mass suicide, these cliffs also overlook some of the best and most consistent reef surfing in Okinawa. A great spot to visit for surfing enthusiasts and as a plan for getting away from some of the more congested and touristy spots, don’t fail to put the Suicide Cliffs on your travel itinerary list, especially if you’re going to visit the island for more than a couple days. Near the southern most point of the island, it takes a longer travel commute to visit this surfing spot.


The Complete Vacation Experience

The final reason we want to point out as to why Okinawa is such a popular spot is because of its parallel opportunities for an international and multicultural experience. With significant influences of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai culture, you can find a thoroughly unique but representative sampling of Eastern cultures.