What to Know About Bodyboarding Lessons

By | 2019-12-30

If you’re interested in surfing but not quite ready to get on the board, you may want to consider bodyboarding. This is an easier, less technically challenging form of surfing perfect for all ability levels and ages. While not great for reef surfing, it’s an excellent first step toward becoming a more confident surfboarder.  

Bodyboarding is an easier, more accessible option for surfing catching waves than surfing. It’s safer and easier, which means participants will experience rewards much faster than when using a board. The lessons can be as laid back or as formal as you like, with the emphasis being on learning in a fun, no pressure environment. 

If you sign up for a bodyboarding lesson, you will typically receive between 1 and 3 hours of instruction. You’ll be able to rent a bodyboard, swim fins, and a wetsuit (if necessary), sometime for the whole day so you can continue practicing after the lesson ends.  

Anyone can learn to bodyboard! 

Most people can learn basic bodyboarding fairly quickly. You can go from riding whitewash to riding a wave much faster than with surfing. The more advanced maneuvers like spinners and rolls come after more practice. 

So, who can take these lessons? Literally anybody, as long as you can swim. If you’re younger than eight you need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian as well. The upper age limit is open to anybody that feels they fancy a go. 

Sample Rates 

Below, I’ve outlined what a typical bodyboarding lesson might look like. Rates are often the same as surf lessons. 

$160 for 1 person (Includes all day bodyboard/swim fins & wetsuit, and 1 Instructor for 2 hours). Each additional hour $60. 

$180 total for 2 people (Includes all day bodyboard/swim fins & wetsuit, and 1 Instructor for 2 hours). Each additional hour $50 per person. 

Each additional person will be $80 for two hours. 
Each additional hour $50 per person.