Sponsorship from Quality Seafood Delivery

By | 2021-01-29

We are very excited to announce our partnership/sponsondhip with Quality Seafood Delivery. We have used their seadfood delivery service for over a year, just as casual users. Their site is a great place to compare fresh seafood that can be delivered right to your door. We realized that our local markets kept driving prices up to meet the tourist demands. It wasn’t crazy high or unreasonable, but more than we were used to paying. We did a little research to see if we could find fresher/cheaper and that is when we found Quality Seafood Delivery. We were able to compare prices of fresh seafood, and specifically shipping fresh Maine lobster tails as those are our “can’t live without” indulgence.

Matt, the owner, noticed our email address, and knew that our customers likely had a lot of overlap with their customers. We worked out a deal to where we will have some sponsorship dollars for various events and workshops that we put on throughout the year, in exchange for telling people about a service we already use to find fresh seafood.

It is really great to team up with a company that we already use as opposed to one where we have to start using their product in order to get the sponsorship (not naming any names). In this partnership, we were already telling people about them and sending around links to their various seafood delivery options. So it’s not more work on us.

We are super stoked that Matt came up with this idea and we were able to make this work out for both of us. Can’t wait to see what 2021 brings us both. Mahalo.