How COVID-19 is Impacting Coral Reefs

By | 2021-04-25

Coral reefs are endangered resources and world natural heritage. They have been slowly and gradually getting depleted from our natural resources due to the impact of tourism. Luckily, COVID-19 has eased the strain off the coral reefs, allowing them to heal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the number of tourists visiting these places. It has given coral reef conservancies and organizations a chance to improve their efforts. Most of the work, such as meetings, is now happening online, and direct interactions have been reduced.

The organizations have also gotten the chance to focus on their work with fewer tourists visiting the sites. Their efforts are now getting a better impact, and there is nothing to distract them from their efforts. It is proving positive for the coral reefs that are beginning to benefit from the efforts fully.

Community Outreach

Preparing materials and holding events to teach the local community how to protect the coral reefs. It is made easier due to the lockdown, and reaching the relevant audiences is getting much simpler.

Reaching the community to train them about coral reefs is also getting easier as targeting them is more accurate. No tourists are moving around in most of the coral beaches, and the local community is massively gaining from this.

Less Toxic Waste

Toxic material deposits at the beaches have also reduced significantly. Items used by tourists at the beaches, such as sunscreen, have toxic materials in them. Oxybenzone is the chemical found in sunscreen and has been damaging the coral reefs over the years. With this break, a better policy is expected, and the regulations will be stricter on what is allowed at the coral reef beaches and what is not.

A Sigh of Relief for the Coral

The coral reefs are expected to recover in areas where tourists impacted them while they visited. The recovery will follow natural patterns and the normal evolution pattern of the coral reefs. Coral life is expected to grow abundantly and recover in areas where there was damage. The lockdown will bring about a restoration to the health of these resources and a greater ecological balance.