The Mental and Physical Benefits of Surfing

By | 2021-12-01

Since the 1700s surfing has been a staple in sports, and people from around the world are attracted to it. It’s not just about getting swept away by the currents or battling the waves, but it is a thrill that allows people to feel close to nature and become one with themselves. Surfing is a euphoric sensation and a sport that pushes an individual to strengthen their physical and mental health while enjoying each wave that nature has provided naturally. However, if you enjoy surfing or are curious about the sport, learning about the physical and mental health benefits will drive your engagement and confidence to surf more often.

Nature Encourages Humans To Be Outside

To begin with, humans have learned over the years that spending time outside or in nature proves to be positive with feeding our emotional wellness and physical status. From the Vitamin D, you can get from the sun to the meditating sounds of a river, nature constantly proves to encourage humans to be outside. The connection between nature and the human brain supports conditions that decrease mental disorders and boosts focus and overall moods that we as humans get daily.

Studies have proven that nature boosts healthy blood pressure, maintains a natural heart rate, and will lower a human stress level. Besides, the environment of nature gives individuals the ability to have fresh air without toxins, more opportunities for fitness, increasing social opportunities and decreasing isolation, and eliminating factors that are a direct approach to negative health concerns.

What Are The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Surfing?

What about surfing? What are the physical-mental health benefits of surfing if nature automatically encourages humans to be outside, how can surfing benefit an individual at the same time?

Physical Benefits Of Surfing

First, surfing is a sport that requires muscle strength and cardiovascular health. When you head out surfing you have to paddle on a board using your muscle strength with your legs, arms, and back, then you have to stand up on the board to ride the wave. These are exercises that increase your cardio and lower your blood pressure, which is proven to decreasing health concern risks.

You will get overall body workouts and have a fun way to burn calories while you boost your immune system and gain massive amounts of other benefits for your physical health. There are other benefits such as sleeping better, increasing your skin and hair health, getting increased flexibility and balance, and training your brain new skills which allow you to stimulate your brain activity in a positive direction.

Mental Benefits Of Surfing

The mental health benefits of surfing start with increasing mental awareness and cerebral stimulus, which is an essential element to improving a stronger and more positive mindset. Surfers have stated over the years that the meditation kicks they get while writing through a wave or floating on the ocean is uplifting and natural.

When your brain recognizes that an individual is getting attention to stimulate it in a positive direction, your mental health automatically will start lifting and improving. Since surfing promotes exercise, the body will help release endorphins that lower stress and increase your overall mood.

The community of surfing promotes mental health benefits as the community connects on a different level than other activities. Surfing will Drive confidence and offer multiple benefits from health to physical, and is a sport that everyone should enjoy multiple times in life.