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The Mental and Physical Benefits of Surfing

Since the 1700s surfing has been a staple in sports, and people from around the world are attracted to it. It’s not just about getting swept away by the currents or battling the waves, but it is a thrill that allows people to feel close to nature and become one with themselves. Surfing is a… Read More »

Surfing on America’s Great Lakes

What are America’s surfing hotspots? Hawaii, California, and Florida usually top the lists; North and South Carolina rank high, too. But did you know that some of the country’s most dedicated surfers live in the middle? They’re known as freshwater surfers, and their stomping grounds are the Great Lakes. Quick Geography Recap: America’s Great Lakes… Read More »

How COVID-19 is Impacting Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are endangered resources and world natural heritage. They have been slowly and gradually getting depleted from our natural resources due to the impact of tourism. Luckily, COVID-19 has eased the strain off the coral reefs, allowing them to heal. The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the number of tourists visiting these places. It has… Read More »

Sponsorship from Quality Seafood Delivery

We are very excited to announce our partnership/sponsondhip with Quality Seafood Delivery. We have used their seadfood delivery service for over a year, just as casual users. Their site is a great place to compare fresh seafood that can be delivered right to your door. We realized that our local markets kept driving prices up… Read More »

Surfing FAQ

What’s the difference between a regular pack and a surfing pack? The main difference has to do with keeping your wet gear separate from dry gear. A surf pack will have a separate compartment for you to store your wetsuit and beach gear, keeping stuff like food, towels, and electronics safe from water damage.   Do… Read More »