How to Care for a Reef Wound

Coral exoskeletons, as many reef surfers know, can be extremely sharp. While most reefs are deep underwater, far enough away for surfers to be in danger, the occasional rough wave could send somebody several yards below the surface. When this happens, you may scratch a foot, elbow, or other part of your body on coral.… Read More »

Beaches in South Orange County

In South Orange County, I like use two beaches for the surf lessons I teach. 90 % of them are held at Doheny State Beach, which is best for beginners. Intermediate and advanced lessons, as well as bodyboard lessons, are held at Salt Creek State Beach. If you’re in South Orange County and interested in surfing… Read More »

What to Know About Bodyboarding Lessons

If you’re interested in surfing but not quite ready to get on the board, you may want to consider bodyboarding. This is an easier, less technically challenging form of surfing perfect for all ability levels and ages. While not great for reef surfing, it’s an excellent first step toward becoming a more confident surfboarder.   Bodyboarding… Read More »

Discover Notable Surfing Destinations: Okinawa

If you’re going to travel halfway around the world on a major vacation trip, you’re probably looking to visit more than just one surfing beach. That’s why any single surfing spot that may be in the running for best surfing and most intense waves may not be a huge destination for spot. Instead, long stretches… Read More »

Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines

This is not a spot for beginners. Rather, it’s daredevils who are looking for largest, most powerful, most breathtaking reef breaks that flock to this famous surfing spot. One false move and you’re going to pay the price in the form of gashes created by the razor-sharp coral formations in the area. The skill level… Read More »